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How to Easily Convince Any Woman to Send You Money?


Looking for how to convince a woman to send you money? That is one hell of a task unless you’ve worked on her psychology. We all love money, but of the two sexes that occupy this planet, studies hold that women, from their attitudes, tend not only to like money more but also prefer to keep their money ‘panties-tight’ to themselves. The money-demanding nature of women, over the centuries, however, makes it near-impossible to ask them any question tending to request for their money. If you dare ask, it’s believed that you’re asking for trouble and not for money.

This money-loving trait acculturated to women is now so strong that ‘after money lies a woman like a rose in a bed.’

Due to this, most modern women have become controversial and so bias. Even social media is not helping matters on how to get money from a woman. It keeps popping stories that make men feel it’s demeaning and unacceptable to get money from a woman.

Being that the society painted the view of women being takers of money rather than willing givers with ink, it will be tough to erase! As far as that is concerned, a backdoor is the only way we could think of on how to convince a woman to send you money without altering the picture.

As you may have known before now – even the statements you utter is enough for a woman to rate you below the stage of an ideal man. Have a read on a few below.

  • Hello dear, I’m out of cash, may I please have some from you?
  • Honey, I’m broke! Assist with the least you can, would you mind?
  • Dear, fuel the car, I’m outta cash
  • Who’s going to sponsor the day?
  • I haven’t enough!

And if you seriously want to pass out, try saying these to a typical ‘modern woman.’ Unless you’re wealthy and she’s sure of her money coming back as double, she’ll ask you to get a job; you really should get a job though.

Couple exchanging words

We can now put the jokes away...

Like I stated in the introductory section, this article is only a backdoor transiting you through how to get money from a woman or how to convince a woman to send you money without altering the premade picture. So, this is how to go about convincing a woman to send you money that she has been gripping for decades.

How do you convince a woman to send you money?

The following ways will assure you that she will keep her hand into her purse and spend the last available cash because of you. Just follow the steps;

Bait Her to a Conversation

The first and foremost thing to observe on how to convince a woman to send you money or how to get money from a woman is ‘conversation.’ It is from this point that you’ll subtly establish whether or not she’ll give you her money –  yes, ‘her money.’ Tell me, did you provide it to her? You didn’t, and even if you did, it’s hers because a woman will always be a woman.

Just like trying to convince any girl to send you pictures, or sleep with you, it all starts with a conversation. This is the basis of establishing what you want and how you want it to happen.

Know this – the moment you invite a woman for a discussion, two things are likely to ring in her head.

  • “Is he going to ask for my money?” At this point, she’s like, “the safety of my hard earned currency may be at stake! (fuming within herself)

The second thing applies specifically to a woman you do not share a bloodline with.

While you intend to ask for money, she’s there; whether at that spot or far away and soliloquizing like;

  • Hmm, if not to profess love, what else?

Do you see it? They could even harbor more than just these two suggested above, who knows? That’s by the way.

Before you put into use, this guide on how to convince a woman to send you money, I’d advise that you meet her in person if you’re close enough. Physical presence does play a huge role in convincing a woman. As earlier stated, bait her to a conversation. It is the beginning of your woe or joy.

When successful conversation debuts, be sure to abide by the following; whether in person or over the phone.

Manning the Conversation

You’re the man, and she’s the woman, eh? Cool, very cool. At least she’s in no way going to deny you this. But it will be womanish for you not to be the gaffer in the conversation.

Manning the conversation is an excellent pathway through how to convince a woman to send you money at any time. Even though you’re the person trying to get the money, don’t sit back and watch her take control. It’ll appear to her as if you’re not in any way dangerous. And you know what? Our women don’t love unserious men.

If it’s a conversation you have with her in person, make bodily gestures. Hold her hands if there’s a chance and look straight into her eyes while doing this. Damn, if you can do it this way, congratulations, you’ve just made things easier for you.

Booting Out Unnecessary Jokes

Also, jokes and gags are enormously unnecessary on how to get money from a woman. Women love comedy but no comedy near their capital. And while making your statements, don’t exaggerate the situation. Be real-serious with her; make it look as though you’re discussing business like what you see in the movies.

Wear No Piteous Look and Don’t Lament

This is a very severe thing to note on how to convince a woman to send you money.

  • If you’re meeting her in person, don’t look pitiful!
  • And if the conversation holds over the phone, don’t sound too sad and don’t lament!

It may be all about convincing her to send you money, but no matter the situation, avoid misplays like this. Although it appears as a tool that will incite pity from her, be the man.

beg a woman

Why must you be the man?

You must be the man because, as stated earlier, society imprinted a picture that demeans your position as the man when you ask for a woman’s money. It’s not your fault that this is so, neither is it much of her blame that she’s conceived to be a money-grabbing being.

Before you exit this particular section on how to convince a woman to send you money, try and accustom yourself with mental potency. Don’t grieve.

Declare Your Intention

Subsequently, if you strictly followed this guide on how to get money from a woman, you should have a swift landing here. Simply declare your remotest intention. Conceal nothing and exaggerate nothing.

You must have been verbally free with her by now if the woman in question is your colleague at the workplace or any other place as the case may be. Even with your wife or sister, you’ll still have to be verbally free to declare your intention or make events clearer to her.

Highlight Your Need (Optional)

You may or may not have to highlight your need depending on the essence of your being in need. This part is optional in a sense that;

  • You only intend to get and spend her money
  • She may not ask why you need the money

It is possible for a woman not to be interested in why you want money from her. For instance, asking a female colleague that admires you for money comes like a sharp surprise to her. She is already too absorbed to inquire from you. The chances that a non-bloodline related woman who loves you will ask for reasons is low. A mother, sister, wife and any woman of this caliber may inquire but an outsider who admires you will most likely not.

Also, while explaining the general state of things, if necessary, do not be sarcastic.

Make Her Understand You’re Human Too

This is the fate that we, husbands, and boyfriends suffer in the hands of our women.

Well, as they say, “Men will be men.” We can add that “Women will be women!” Women being women reminds me of certain positions during my high school and college days. The post of a treasurer and that of secretaries were no-go areas for the guys. Situations like these were anchored by the women. They believe that money is all about them. Necessarily concerning how to convince a woman to send you money politely, building an understanding within her is a wise thing to do.

Sometimes, women are carried away with the belief that men are supposed to bring the cash while they keep and use it. For this reason, a woman has a slightly funny way of viewing you as the man. Maybe she sees you as a god of money – heaven knows. But whichever way, you have to make her understand you are human as well. Just like her, you have one head to think of money and only two hands to labor for it.

Make No Silly Promises

At this juncture, she’s aware that you need her money. Also, you ought to be mindful of the words you utter. This is exclusively something to note on how to convince a woman to send you money. Sometimes you may be so carried away that you resort into making promises. It is not the right thing on how to get money from a woman in a classy style.

Unless she calls for promises, do not bring it up.

If you are returning her money at an agreed time, make her understand you will but not with ceaseless promises. Don’t keep promising her a double payback. You never know, s**t happens. And when it happens, you may not be able to even up to your promises. If you intend doubling her money back to her, then make it come as a surprise.

After all, you may not even have to return the money you convincingly took from her.

Ready Yourself for Potential Excuses or Refusals

This is a critical time and will be more dangerous if you didn’t ready yourself for flimsy or convincing excuses.

Then again, do not be furious by any response she gives you. Besides, it’s her money, not yours. As a husband, even if you gave her wards of cash some minutes ago, don’t expect her to give some cash out of it to you readily.

Notwithstanding this, the positivity is there. She’ll give you the money. Just follow this guide, a princely backdoor through how to convince a woman to send you money or only on how to get money from a woman at ease.

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