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What to Text a Girl that is Ignoring You? (You Can do It!)


Recent studies have it that at least 87% of guys have been ignored after texting a girl. This would not have been the case if not for how most guys behave when texting females. Are you part of the ignored guys? If yes, you certainly do not know what to text a girl that is ignoring you every time.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online featured

In this piece, not only would you know what to text a girl but also how to get a girl to text you back immediately. I have been in your shoes some years back and can tell how it feels. Do note that there are several message formats that make it impossible for a girl to reply to you. You should avoid such message formats to boost the chances of being replied. Moreover, this piece will further identify a few text messages to avoid sending to her.

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How to Get a Girl to Text You Back Immediately

A lot of times, you certainly have been wondering what to do when a girl ignores your text messages. Keep calm and read how I get a girl to reply to me immediately after messaging her.

1. Answer the Following Questions

I would have proceeded immediately but I have some questions. As an emotional psychologist, I’m most interested in finding answers that help me to guide you better.

The problem is that she is Ignoring your text and we are certain about this.

Question 1, is she your girlfriend?
Question 2, is she some girl you just want hook with for chats sake or for friendship?

If she’s your girlfriend, the solution is to solve the outstanding problem. Yes, you read that just right. She can only ignore your text because of a misunderstanding and once that is resolved, she will reply as usual.

On the other hand, our focus is on what to text a girl that is ignoring you and that is not your girlfriend. It is very difficult to get someone who isn’t your girlfriend to reply to a text message and as such, we will be careful while handling this.

2. Visit Her Profile

Visiting her profile is not tightly what to text a girl that is ignoring you. However, I have discovered the need to do so. Some girls often describe what they like and hate about direct messages. If you are dealing with online texting, go to her Facebook profile or Instagram and read her ‘Bio’ or slide to her ‘About’ tab to know more about her kind of personality.

For texting that has to do with SMS, it is even more difficult because everything here is 50/50. Despite that, the simple smart format attached to this article will guide you through.

If it is a less social platform like WhatsApp, it is needless to visit her profile. The reason is that there is no tab provided on WhatsApp to describe an individual. In some instances, moreover, you may be lucky that the girl is using her WhatsApp ‘About’ to describe her personality. If such is the case, take advantage of it before attempting to message her.

3. Follow Up the Girl’s Online Activities

Getting a girl to text back by following this technique mainly applies to online platforms. The sorts of platforms in question are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and similar platforms. The likes of WhatsApp or WeChat will not really function because it does not provide a medium to track her activities.

How to Track Her Activities on Social Platforms Like Facebook

Since you most likely messaged this girl as a random person, you have to track her activities. Tracking her activities helps to find a discussion that you can explore to gain her attention. If you do not steal her attention, it is needless to message her because she’ll not reply. If she replies, believe me, that will be just for that time. And, in cases where your intention is to hook up with her, it will not work because it will be impossible to proceed from a poor foundation.

4. Send a Relevant Message

If you followed the first 3 steps of how to text a girl to text you back immediately, this will be easy. In step 3, I believe you have come up with something that is explorable. What to explore could be a discussion, a question, a problem, her preference, etc. This means that virtually anything that concerns her can be explored.

What to text a girl that is ignoring you is always a decisive factor in this case. When you have no idea what to do when a girl ignores your texts, it becomes a problem. Before we delve into the sorts of texts to send to a girl that ignores you, let’s see some of the opening messages.

When there is an active or past discussion opened by her:

Hi there, I just came across this discussion and I’m interested. If you do not mind, I would love to be a part.

For Comments that Concern Her Photos:

The photographer is a champ. I wouldn’t mind being a part of the next shot. Lol.

Concerning a problem or question at workplace or School

Hi dear, I’m messaging with regards to the question/problem recently raised in the meeting. I may not have the perfect answer but I sure do have a contribution to make.

The above are samples of simple messages to forward to a girl you want a reply from.

Note: The above samples are structured perfectly to also suit what to text a girl that is ignoring you.

5. Track and Reply Her Message

Do you think she will ignore any message that is relevant? No, she will not. In fact, it makes her feel you are different from most other guys who are only after toasting and sex. Well, are you not different? I do not know about you but my readers are always different.

To track her before replying to the text is quite easy although it seems difficult. Simply, keep checks on her last seen and other activities. Your focus should be on how long it takes for her to respond and what she is probably doing while your text is in her inbox. If she replies after an hour or more, do not immediately respond whether she’s active or not. You have to do a sort of payback to maintain some balance. When you eventually reply, the response should be in line with the chat in progress.

What to Text a Girl that Is Ignoring You

You tried texting a girl and she’s yet to reply? Sincerely, everything is wrong with what you’re currently texting her. Care to know what to do when a girl ignores your texts? The only thing to do is to change the format of your text. For example, it is very wrong to begin a conversation with a girl using intimate words. While some girls would outrightly warn you off their inbox, most others would quietly block or ignore.

Here are the sorts of things to text her for an immediate response.

If you had earlier sent an intimate text, the only alternative is to reverse it. To reverse the initial text, text her an apologetic message. This will only be reasonable in cases where she’s yet to click the block button.

Hi, I’m sorry about the initial message. That was wrong and I admit it. I wish you a great day ahead.

Either you text her something like this or you copy and paste this for her. Moreover, whether she replies to the message or not, keep tracks on her profile and restart the techniques stated above.

If it’s the start of the conversation, and she’s practically a snub, follow the techniques above and text her something like what is available below:

I just came across the discussion you raised (on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, etc.) and I want to have my say

(make your opinion immediately after the above).

You can as well text her something that looks like:

I scrutinized the issue we recently raised and I’d love to contribute to that. I do not know how interested you are in the issue but would appreciate an attentive conversation from you.

Final Thoughts

Just like you, I once wondered what to text a girl that ignores but couldn’t find an answer. Instead of beating about the bush, I took a practical step to find answers.

As it stands, you barely have a problem on what to text a girl that is ignoring you. This article has done you a favor by even highlighting how to get a girl to text you back immediately.

What to Take Away

This article is purely practical in the sense that it was researched. The mentioned techniques have been tested on different girls and it worked perfectly. Out of 100% of girls, it worked on about 90%. Make this article part of you and she will stop ignoring your texts. Moreover, never disrespect any girl that ignores texts if you want to earn their attention.

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