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What to Say to Your Boyfriend After You Cheated?


I would have begun by asking what forced you to cheat. However, it will not solve the problem. It could be that your act was just revenge or out of lust. I do not want to believe that you cheated out of lust but statistics have it that over 59% of girlfriends cheat out of ‘lustfulness’. At this moment, the deed (cheating) has been done and can’t be undone. Instead of crying in repentance, learn what to say to your boyfriend after you cheated on him.


Do you know what takes place in a guy’s mind when they find out that their girlfriend cheated? It could be you know but I’ll state it that a whole lot goes through his mind. Note, it is a sort of ritual for a guy who cheats to feel ‘hell’ within himself after finding out that his girl cheated. Yes, a guy hates when his girl cheats so much that he could smack his head on a wall.

So, what is it that needs to be done? Basically, you need to know how to apologize for cheating on your boyfriend. Secondly, you require a letter to boyfriend after cheating. In this article, you will find out what to say to your boyfriend after you cheated and how to calm him. Trust me, he will forgive you and love you even more after doing what this article highlights.

What to Say to Your Boyfriend After You Cheated

It is easier to say something that melts his mind if you cheated as an act of revenge. If you cheated out of lust for the other partner, believe me, it’s not as easy as it appears. Also, if you cheated because you needed something from the other guy, classify it as lust because you were lusting after something. You will have to convince him to trust that you’ll never repeat the act.

I will tell you what to say to him, but first, you have to do the following so that he will not be too mad at you.

1. Cut Ties with the Other Partner

With all sincerity, as long as the guy you cheated with still bonds with you, cheating continues. It will be worse when your boyfriend becomes suspicious of the guy if he comes across him. And, if he does, the chances that he will not forgive you increase.

Simply, contact the guy you cheated with and tell him to stay away from you. Most girls prefer doing this through a phone call or a text message but it’s better to meet the said guy in person. Not contacting the guy in person is not a good start towards how to apologize for cheating on your boyfriend. In fact, you wouldn’t know what to say to your boyfriend after cheating without hearing from the person you cheated with.

Why You Should Contact the Other Guy in Person

The reason why I advise contacting the other guy is that guys can be snitches. The guy you cheated with may want to seize your condition to keep having sex with you. How? He’ll remind you of the woes that will befall the relationship you have with your boyfriend by exposing the act to him. And, it does not mean will if he does so.

2. Make Peace with Yourself

For you to be seeking a way to get things back on track with your boyfriend means you love him. I can’t judge your act because we are humans. I know you feel like a traitor not just to your boyfriend but to yourself. Maybe you were revenging or probably found something in the other guy that your boyfriend lacks. Whatever the case, just make peace with yourself.

Cheating is bad and hurtful; yes, your boyfriend can’t be happy. Your mind and body are destabilized but there is no way to reverse the deed. Tell yourself that you’re sorry and try to hate every moment that saw you spread your legs for the other guy.

3. Understand Your Boyfriend

There are 3 kinds of guys when it comes to cheating. They include:

  • A guy that ends the relationship immediately.
  • A guy that forgives.
  • And a guy that forgives but uses it as an avenue to cheat (vengeance).

I don’t like to reveal certain sensitive things about myself but I’m the sort of guy that will forgive but after a long convincing time. I may end up cutting ties and that will depend on whether my girlfriend convinces me enough.

I believe you know the sort of boyfriend you have. If you don’t, you seriously didn’t love him. Why? Practically in any relationship, lovers often hear their partners say their minds about cheating. While some say that they’ll forgive, others would rebuke such. Think, there was a time you had this conversation with your boyfriend and I want you to capitalize on it. Understanding his personality will determine how you approach him and whether he deserves to know (he should know).

4. Love Him More

You love him no doubt but you have to love him more. Whether he is already aware of the act or not, there should be an unconditional love from you, such that he probably has never experienced before.

To love him this way is not so hard. Simply, be the sort of girlfriend that is very submissive. Yes, you have to, unless you don’t want the relationship to stand. During this period, you need to say things to him. Do you know what to say to your boyfriend after you cheated during this time? All you say must rally around the fact that you love him.

Some girls prefer to hint their men of something from their behavior. Some would appear so down and emotional at all time and the boyfriend would be forced to ask “what’s wrong” every time.

5. Follow Your Instinct, but Clear Your Guilt

Are you yet to tell? Have you told him already? Are you getting threats from the guy you cheated with? All of these questions come in here. If you’re yet to tell, what is that thing that is keeping you? Anyway, do you feel like you’re making a mistake not saying it out? This could be as a result of the fact that you love your man so much that you don’t want to disappoint his feelings for you.

If you cheated because he cheated, there is only one way to figure out whether to tell or not. If he was remorseful, he deserves to know. Already, there is something troubling his mind that you’ll want to pay back. And, if threats are arriving from the guy you cheated with, quickly make a way to tell him. It would be stupid if he finds out that you revenged without saying it.

On the other hand, if it’s lust that made you cheat, be careful when confessing. Some guys would hate you, some would hate themselves for making a bad decision having you while some others will smile without any reaction. This sort of guy will cheat from thence onward because they have a reason.

6. Tell Him the Truth (Optional)

The truth is just what to say to your boyfriend after you cheated. Some would kick against telling him the truth. Do you know situations like this backfire? Occasions may lead to occasions that expose the entire act. Also, you need to cut communications from the other guy so that he doesn’t get to a stage where he feels he can have you at will.

Before you tell him, make sure you love him so unconditionally well. Do not expect him to be okay because he has every right to be unhappy. If possible, send this message to him through someone or go with the person.

7. Explain what Happened and Make a Promise

Explain the situation with all sincerity and use a broken voice. Say it very remorsefully and stay a bit away from him, if you’re present. While explaining things, do not make the mistake of apportioning blames or trying to justify yourself. Instead of healing the situation, it will add more salt to the wound.

If it’s revenge that made you do it, go ahead and tell him. Explain to your boyfriend that you felt so used and that your emotions tricked you. While some girls kneel to apologize, some others will not. But then, kneeling before your boyfriend brings him down to earth. It is the level of humbleness that makes him to quickly find a reason to forgive you. Finally, promise that you’ll never do such and that you regret every moment. So, let’s see what to say to your boyfriend after you cheated without hurting him more.

Samples of Letter to Boyfriend After Cheating

They are 2 letter samples in this section. The letters are divided into the following:

  1. If you cheated as a revenge.
  2. Cheating out of ‘lust’.

While with the letter, be very sensitive about the sex you had with the other guy. Don’t bring it in and don’t hint on it. Let every content of the letter be centered on why you did it and how sorry you feel. Make promises that such actions will never repeat itself and let him know your love for him is unconditional.

Letter to Boyfriend After Cheating as Revenge

Hi Johan,

I write with my eyes filled with tears, my emotions knocked down, and my hands shaking. Please, for the sake of what we share, give me the attention.

I have wronged you and I know how disappointed you are in me. I feel so bad and even ashamed to look you on the face. I tried to be happy after what you did but couldn’t. Johan, I tried. I felt like you betrayed my trust, I cried every night. In the end, I was wrong to have been as foolish as I was.

Johan, I love you, I mean, so much. I know I owe you everything and I will repay every bit of what I owe you. Without you, I’m empty within and I don’t want to be a vessel. I’m your baby, please have me, kiss me, and cuddle me all you desire. Forgive me, baby, for this, I promise, will never happen again.

Your Love

Letter to Boyfriend After Lustful Cheating

My Dave,

I can’t read minds but I can sense yours. I can’t tell what a man thinks but I can tell what you’d do the next moment. My Dave, I deserve crucifixion but don’t crucify me for I want to live longer and love you.

My Dave, I didn’t realize what was happening. It was as though I lost my memory. It was as though I was fooled. In truth, I fooled myself. I’m sorry Dave. I have sworn that I will never ever do anything that will hurt our relationship. I have sworn to rebuke and curse anything that would ever attempt to draw us back. Dave, I love you and I know it. Don’t hate me because I’m hating myself enough.

I can’t forgive myself right now until you forgive me.

Your Love

Final Thoughts

For some days and even months, he may not relate well with you. The relationship will face difficulties but is your responsibility to keep things in place. Keep watch on your boyfriend and ensure that he doesn’t go astray

Do the things you both love to do. Remind him constantly of the beautiful memories and respect his feelings. During any sexual period, he will definitely feel down. Once you notice that turnoff, immediately withdraw from forcing him on you. Resort into cuddling and kissing for the meantime.

Successfully, this article has pointed out what to say to your boyfriend after you cheated on him. Make sure you follow the guide properly to win him back.

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