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How to Get a Girl Who Plays Hard to Get? (Unusual Tips)


What should you do when a girl plays hard to get with you? You know the kind, that is, a girl who makes you want to surrender as a result of fear of not being accepted repeatedly by her.

We are not discussing a girl who has outright told you she does not like you, instead we are discussing a girl that is showing interest in you but making it a challenge to get her or win her over. Even if she isn’t interested in you, you can still make her your girlfriend

These girls are masters of manipulation and can do just anything to make sure you become their slave. I will show you how I have repeatedly been able to conquer any girl that acts like that and even did bad things with her – so are you ready?

Before you implement most of the steps I will show you here, make sure you’ve done your homework as a guy.

Doing your homework means making yourself look presentable and attractive to an average female. Once you’ve sorted this aspect out, then you are truly good to go!

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The Feeling of Trying to Get a Girl Who Is Playing Hard to Get

A Technique to Get Whatever you Want From a Woman

It can be frustrating or annoying when a girl plays hard to get. She can send mixed signals, because you are skeptical about yourself, and make you feel bad when she rejects your advances. No one likes to feel bad or awkward when they are chasing someone else, and it can eventually make you surrender to the girl who plays hard to get and move on to another girl.

But, a girl who plays hard to get can be worth the challenge! She probably is ensuring that you are a guy that is worthy of her, and that shows lots of high confidence, which is something you should want in every girl you want to go out with.

She also wants to be sure that you really like and cherish her and that you are also not just trying to get in her pants for a nightstand or something. To cut the long story short, she is making sure that you are a guy who fits what she has been in search of, and that will lead to better dating experience and relationships in the end.

Therefore, look at the girl who plays hard to get a positive challenge rather than a girl who is making you question each move you make. Do not be hard on yourself. Keep going forward and try to know the basic method to move past her hard exterior and discover that soft spot where she finally gives in and begins to warm up to you.


There are some main problems that happen when a girl plays hard to get with you. Let us discuss them, that is, how to get a girl who plays hard to get and overcome them.

beg a woman

Getting Her to Show that She is Interested

In most cases, her indication that she is interested in is what gives you the signal to meet her in the first place and try to get her phone number. But when she does not give you any sign that she has an interest in you, it can really be difficult to go in for the approach.

Here is the basic idea; girls always know you are observing them every time, so, do not fool yourself. Supposing that she is not giving you any signal at all, that is fine because a dirty look or having her run away from you completely is worse.

In other words, suppose that you got a lot of interest in her and she has not backed away, then she probably just be testing the waters to discover how interested you really are and supposing that you are going to meet her one-on-one, even though she has not given you a vivid signal.

If you take some time to approach her, she probably gives you a small signal to bring you in. But a girl that often plays hard to get will likely give you nothing at all, so it is left for you to move in and test the waters. Meet her and keep the conversation flowing. Supposing that she holds a conversation with you, then you have her interest, but you do not have her.

Also, it is advised that how to get a girl who plays hard to get is by preventing to ask her for number now. It will make her more interested in you and give you more power over her. But with a girl who is playing hard to get, this tactic will likely just result in her to confirm the worst about you, that is, she might feel that you are not interested in her. Therefore, ask her for her number and if she doesn’t, do not make a big deal about it and allow her to give you her number when she is ready.

Getting To the First Date

Supposing that she gave you her number, but she doesn’t respond to your call immediately, doesn’t show concern because she is interested in you. She is just playing hard to get which indicates she is not going to answer your call and concur to see you tomorrow.

It is important to note that waiting too long to call her will only indicate that you are not interested in her. Give her a call and if she doesn’t answer allow her to know you will try back in a few days. Opportunities are she will answer that time.

Even if she has a boyfriend, you can still make her your GF just by using this simple step of taking her out on a date.

The trick is to never stop calling. If she hasn’t told you outright that she is not interested, then she is possibly still playing hard to get and examining to see how far you will go.

Making the First Date Successful with Her

The first date for a girl who plays hard to get is all about feeling you out and choosing whether or not you are the guy she can stay within a relationship. To cut the long story short, it is exactly like any other first date you will ever go on. Keep your eyes open for some crazy behavior on the first date that shows she is not just playing hard to get, she is actually not a girl you will want to get.

All you need to do is to appear charming and interesting on the date. If she likes or admires you, she will agree to go out with you again, or at least agree to have a discussion with you. Well, it will not be simple when dating a girl who is playing hard to get. All you need is just to make the first date successful.

A few of them will be making out with you after the first date. Also, some of them will gladly want to see you on a daily basis after your first date. But a girl who plays hard to get will want to take it slow, and you have to be in for a long haul supposing that you want to win her over.

Send Mixed Feelings

Sending mixed feelings is another tactical way to get a girl who plays hard to get. It follows the objective of this quote which says;

“If you can’t beat them, then you confuse them”

Sending mixed signals will confuse any girl who plays hard to get; this is because it destabilizes their own game plans.

It also helps you know if she really likes you or not. But you should know that such a game might backfire, and you might lose her in the long run.

How to send mixed feelings to a girl who is playing hard to get?

  1. Be a loving friend for like one week
  2. Stir up controversy and let her be for like three days
  3. Casually send her kind regards for the next few days (probably two days continuously)
  4. Go AWOL for like four days
  5. Propose a date to her after that
  6. Make her feel good
  7. Go AWOL again
  8. Repeat the whole process until she starts complaining about your behavior
  9. Tell her you’d need something more than just being friends with her – YES OR NO?

Make sure you don’t accept any further excuses after all these. If she gives you excuses, either she is dating someone else, or she doesn’t see you man enough to date you.

Seldomly Make Her Jealous

Just in case you don’t know, girls love guys who are able to attract more good looking girls than they are. Most girls play hard to get most for those they see as nice guys who can put up with their annoying behavior all the time.

But if she sees you’ve got a whole of options, then she wouldn’t want to mess up with your head because she is scared of you.

  • Making her jealous means;
  • Hanging out with girls
  • Being happy without getting her involved
  • Moving on with your life
  • Achieving your goals
  • Making plans without getting her involved

All these are what are capable of making a girl jealous and making her think and worry over you! Extensively, hustle until you get a car of your own. Also, understand the basic checklist for buying a car. Get one and make her ass more jealous.


What we can say is that some girls want a guy to put extra effort towards getting them. A girl who plays hard to get wants a guy who will really put extra effort in for her and show her that he cares. This is the only method of how to get to a girl who plays hard to get because putting efforts will give you a good chance of winning her.

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