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How to Attract a Taurus? (Do’s and Don’ts)


Love is of great importance for the Taurus, it represents a goal, a point of arrival to which they aspire. The Taurus often sees themselves as romantic, affectionate and passionate. However, these parts of their personality are covert, so you have to be perceptive to subtle signs in order to attract a Taurus!

Attracting a Taurus woman

I know, you don’t want a friend, you want a partner, but choosing a partner is an important and slow process if you’re a Taurus. A Taurus trusts slowly, so approaching her as a friend is the best way to understand her, building a stronger bond day after day. Typically feminine and sensual, a Taurus woman is often good at hiding her insecurities. It is a woman who, as they say, gets “many problems for nothing”. Her insecurity in love can lead to bouts of jealousy bordering on obsessiveness. To avoid them, reassure her. Everyday. Never forget to compliment her or make charming gestures for her, even small ones. Once you prove yourself as a safe, loving person, she will trust you openly and allow your relationship to progress.

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Attracting a Taurus man

Taurus men are often irresistible to the opposite sex and being able to attract them can be difficult given the competition. However, if you are a practical and feminine woman, a Taurus man could be an ideal companion for you.

The Taurus man has a very sensitive soul and is anything but material or superficial; the best moments for him are those spent in excellent company, which can be their romantic companion, family or friends. Focus on this side of him to make him happy and organize outings, small trips or unusual things, such as a picnic or a bonfire on the beach. Simple things like that go straight to the heart of a Taurus man!


How do Taurus women flirt?

Taurus woman needs attention and expects her partner to take care of her, so your devotion to her is of upmost importance. Being present and available, but more than anything else anticipating her needs, making sure that she is always well. For example, if she has had a stressful week, spend an evening pampering her or cook for her. Be her constant source of comfort and happiness in turbulent times.

How do Taurus men flirt?

It is true that Taurus men rarely make the first move on women. They prefer to wait until a woman shows interest in them. This saves them from chasing women who aren’t interested or a good match for them. So, they naturally assume, rightly or wrongly, that any woman who doesn’t show much interest isn’t looking for some kind of relationship with them. Though a woman may have to make the right move with a Taurus man, the resulting romance will be well worth it.

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Do’s and Don’ts when flirting with Taurus


  1. Conquer your interest with overt romantic gestures like romantic candlelit dinners.
  2. Get ready to spend time with your Taurus partner, make them feel your presence constantly and show them all your love; you will be rewarded by a lover who is always attentive and ready to support you in any situation.
  3. Always support them in every decision, especially concerning their career.
  4. Share their propensity for luxury and elegance. The Taurus will work hard to maintain a high of living.
  5. Taurus is particularly sensitive to compliments, so make sure to compliment them every day, they will resultantly trust you more.
  6. Always be patient and loving towards them, showing them all your trust and support in any situation.
  7. Make your time together special – the Taurus appreciates good food, great company and cool places.
  8. Be ready to share quality time with your Taurus, always hugging them as if they’re your favorite person on earth.
  9. Expect support in return – this sign will always be there for you when you need it, with open arms as well as a warm heart.
  10. Expect them to be generous – they strive to provide for both themselves and their partners with the fruits of their labor. Taurus loves fine things and believes that they are better when shared with a loved one.


  1. Don’t stand them up on a date and don’t deny yourself on the phone, Taurus is very specific about these things.
  2. Do not behave unpredictably, Taurus loves security and stability and expects their partner to have the same desires as they do.
  3. Do not rush them when they have to make a decision, you will only make them nervous.
  4. Don’t try to make them change their mind, once a decision is made the Taurus will not go back on it.
  5. If you are not looking for a serious relationship, forget about the Taurus; for them, sentimental bonds are very important and they always work very hard to maintain them.
  6. Don’t waste money; Taurus needs financial stability and will calculate every minimal expense to make ends meet.

You like each other! What’s next?

Taurus is an Earth sign, therefore it is characterized by a certain stability that could also be read as a real resistance to change. The Taurus can be changeable, but by their own will. Their stubborn nature makes it difficult for them to adapt to the changes of others, so pay careful attention to the steps you take together. To stay by his side for a long time, you have to learn to support them and always give them lots of attention, involving them in sensory experiences.

Taurus is a rather habitual and decidedly concrete person. They are very faithful in love, but this does not mean you should to take his presence for granted. Nor is it good to take advantage of it and become demanding. To maintain the relationship with a Taurus man for a long time, try and take good care of your appearance as this is something he will pay a lot of attention to because he is attracted to beauty, but above all he is attracted to those who put in effort and attention. So you don’t need to be at the top every day for him, but neither should you neglect yourself. Your appearance will make a difference to him, and you can use this to your advantage.

The Taurus woman is very sensitive and, once in a relationship, tends to have a lot of confidence, sometimes to the point of not being very objective. In order not to run into unnecessary or unpleasant discussions, dose your words well, always choose them carefully, especially when you are not sure how he will react to them. Promises are very important to a Taurus woman so if you are serious about your relationship with her, do not break promises. This is because her nature tends towards stability and she struggles to accept changes.

Surprises can go a long way when flirting with a Taurus. Small surprises, like turning up at the end of their shift or giving small gifts, can be just as important as larger surprises like dinners. Always show your interest in him, but make sure your Taurus doesn’t start to take you for granted.

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