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Places To Take Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday (Romantic)


Making her feel special is one of the ways to get what you want from a woman, and opportunities like her birthday is a perfect time to execute such plan. Now the problem is how exactly can you make her feel special on her day? I guess you’ve run out of ideas such as sending her cute messages, flowers, etc. Now it is time to take her out; but where exactly are the places to take your girlfriend on her birthday?

It might sound annoying but it is better you guys know about this. Sometimes, we guys are a little lame when it comes to that entire gift living thing. It seems like in most situations, lots of guys steer towards the flowers, jewellery, coupon book, candy, and stuffed animal route when it comes to surprising your girlfriend especially on her birthday.

In this situation, what do you intend to do to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday? Well, if your girlfriend cherishes surprises, then it has a paved a way for you. Planning on where to take your girlfriend on her birthday and also giving her a gift are some of the perfect ways to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday.

We should note that it is important to remember that some of the best surprises we give to our girlfriends are not things we buy, rather they are experiences. Things such as weekend getaways, a trip to a romantic lunch or even a trip to her favourite sports might go a long way in making your relationship more intimate.

Now, to the topic of today, where are the best places to take your girlfriend on her birthday? Well, you will see the places you can probably think of going to make her birthday celebration a special one.

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We will begin with:

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Museum, concerts, opera, etc.

The majority of museums, or plays, or other cultural things can be quite pricey enough that in some situations you toss it aside when splurging on yourself, but affordable enough that it is too over the top as a birthday gift.

So, assuming that there is something she has talked about wanting to see, go grab a ticket and take her out. Things like purchasing tickets to see her favourite seats at the ballet, band play, or even a local community theatre show fit the bill.

This is truly a good gift supposing that you are able to get tickets to a famous show that is often sold out or expensive to get a ticket to. Purchase the tickets several months in advance to ensure you are able to get seats for a showing on her birthday.

You might ask, how do I get to book tickets for me and my girlfriend? Well, go online and search for schedules and book a ticket for the closest location to where you reside. You can also;

  • Make use of discount sites to discover cheap play tickets way in advance. You can find a list of them here.
  • Alternatively, assuming that your girlfriend is more into music than acting, get two tickets for you and her to go to a concert on her birthday. This is truly a good gift supposing that you can get tickets to witness a band or artist that she really loves.

Dinner at a restaurant you know she would never take herself to, but that you know she really wants to go to

Are you still planning on where to take your girlfriend on her birthday? Well, taking her to a restaurant you know she cannot afford is really special to her, especially if she cherishes the restaurant. Probably she saw the restaurant on the Food Network. What you should do in this case, is to make your research well, make reservations and allow the receptionist to know that you are celebrating a special evening.

When you do all this, beginning from taking to the restaurant, to special treatment received from the receptionist, she will feel like royalty all evening and even love you more.

Something Seasonal

Who says that you can only do birthday related things on your birthday? You can do something that is fun and seasonal. How about doing a pumpkin patch or a fall?  If it is the summer season, you can take her to the beach; other seasons, you can take her to the cinema to watch some movies.

When choosing where to take your girlfriend on her birthday, do not forget that it is all about making effort and paying attention. You have always got the element of surprise on your side too, there is not a single girl in this world that would not love to be whisked away on a romantic birthday trip for the two of you.

Street fair or Market

Most of you guys might find this surprising, but it is like a birthday gift. The good thing about places like this is you can make an entire afternoon or day of it. You can purchase a few things she fancies while you are wandering around.

Also, you can often some kind of special and delicious treats to consume and drink while you walk around. And, assuming it is a farmers market then you can shock her by grabbing some ingredients to cook dinner or make something extremely good later that night for her birthday dinner. The man she has in her heart and loves doing the cooking will make her enjoy her birthday even more.

Take her on a memorable trip to give her a fun birthday experience

Are you still looking for where to take your girlfriend on her birthday? Well, assuming that there is somewhere your girlfriend has often discussed visiting, plan out a mini-vacation for the two of you to take her on her birthday. You can also take her somewhere you are much aware she likes, especially a place she has never been before. But before going on a memorable trip, or mini-vacation, you must follow these rules, in order of preventing something absurd.

  • First, ensure you pick out locations that your girlfriend wants to visit and not just that you want to visit. For instance, assuming that you really want to go to a ski resort, do not shock your girlfriend with a trip to the Alps unless you know she would also enjoy going skiing on her birthday.
  • Finally, assuming that luxury trips are not within your budget, consider going somewhere close by, like the closest major city, for either a day or two days trip.

Shock your girlfriend with tickets to a sporting event supposing that she like sports

Even if you are not a supporter of her favourite team, or probably you do not like professional sports, going to a professional game would be a pleasant experience for her, particularly is she never gone to one before. Before that, ensure you and your partner schedules will accommodate an outing to a professional sports game before you purchase expensive tickets or start to make preparations.

A sporting event is one of the best places to take your girlfriend on her birthday. But the only downside is that her team might end up losing, which might ruin her night. So study the teams playing and ensure that her team has a higher chance of winning before you take the gamble.

Take your girlfriend to the spa supposing that she likes to be pampered

Even if she has never been to the spa before, your girlfriend will possibly be grateful if she receives a steam bath, a massage, and some aromatherapy. A SPA is definitely one of the places to take your girlfriend on her birthday – but make sure she receives the massaging from a woman. You don’t want your girlfriend thinking of another guy on her birthday.

What you should do here is to book a couple’s session so you can be involved in celebrating her on her birthday. To make things more interesting, if you discover that your girlfriend really enjoys the spa, think of purchasing some lotions and aromatherapy products on your way out of the spa to present to her as a birthday gift.


Well, if you don’t have the finances for all the jamboree that comes along with taking your girlfriend out on her birthday, a simple outing could do.

You don’t need to grow in debt to be able to impress your own girlfriend. Just a little caring and willingness to make her day special would definitely work magic. Nevertheless, surprises and dates shouldn’t be just on her birthday alone; birthdays should be every single day!

Till the next post, keep loving!

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