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The Rules of Dating a Single Mom with a Toddler – Don’t Skip Any of Them.


I have dated several single moms with toddlers, so I know how this works. I am not gonna lie to you, it is adventurous, captivating, but a hell of a job. It comes with its own special rules and regulations. So if you are looking at dating a single mom with a toddler, then keep to these rules!

If you are dating her before you use her money, then you have to take these rules seriously. Now some of these rules written here were crafted out from my personal experience with my present single mom GF, and I have been successful using these rules.

So you have got your eye on a single mom who is not only smart, strong, and beautiful, but also has a toddler to take care of. How can you make this relationship work? And how do you allow her to know that you are not playing games?

Before you think of dating a single mom with a toddler or explore taking the relationship to the next stage, there are numerous rules of dating that you should have in mind.

These rules listed below will enable you to successfully date a single mom, especially if she has a toddler to take care of.

10 Rules of Dating a Single Mom with a Toddler Successfully

In no order of importance, here are the rules of dating a single mom who has a toddler in her care. Some of them are quite difficult, but you should pull it through after reading all I wrote here.

single Mom

1. Schedule your date with your single mom with a toddler far in advance of the actual meeting

You should all know that single moms are so busy that they do not have a lot of time to be that self-generated. These women also need a lot of lead-time to discover a sitter for the kid. In addition, it is a good idea not to be furious supposing that a single mom with probably a 2-year-old has to cancel your date. It is always for a good reason, which includes the fact that she probably is too exhausted to have a splendid time because chasing after a toddler all day is exhausting.

2. You have to allow her to call the shots since she is a mother and the kid is the most important thing to her

This indicates that there is never a situation in which your needs will take precedence over the kid’s needs. Therefore, supposing that you have planned to go out at a good time on a certain day, and your plans changes because the baby has an issue, or is probably sick or even throw serious tantrums when their mother leaves, because of separation anxiety, that you are not able to leave the house, then it indicates that you have to be patient and flexible because when dating a single mom with a toddler, you should expect anything. You simply have to allow the single mom with her kid of this age to schedule all of your dates in the future.

3. Allow her to be the parent and don’t interfere with her decisions with regards to raising her toddler

This problem can come up since toddlers are sometimes notoriously ill-tempered, destructive and violent, particularly if they don’t get their way. They do not regard this age ‘The Terrible Twos’ for nothing. The toddler might be acting so badly that you probably want to suggest a few disciplinary measures. Nevertheless, this is a massive mistake because it can sound like you are castigating her parenting skills. Apart from a situation where a kid is in extreme danger, do not provide criticism or advice with regards to her parenting skills.

4. Be Patient with her supposing that she does not seem quite up to speed on the latest present movies, events or drama occurring on social media

If you are dating a single mom with a toddler, you should expect her having little time for herself, not to mention reading the paper or spending time on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So, you should be patient with her because she might not even have any time at all on current activities happening in society.

5. If you want to impress her, cook her a meal at her place or plan a barbecue in her backyard

Just know that the toddler could disturb you supposing that you are going to cook in her kitchen, that you should leave the place neater than when you saw it. This shows to her that you can really help and also have the potential to be a good husband. So, if you really want to impress her, make the toddler a very good meal and feed it to the child, while mom takes a rest and has a luxurious bubble bath.

6. Do not be amazed if the toddler ends up coming out on a date with you at times

This indicates that you probably are carrying around a diaper bag, changing the child in public washroom, and pushing a stroller. It also indicates that you probably are having dates in family restaurants or fast food where the food is not that glamorous.  Also, you have to be ready to be embarrassed in public, as other diners give you strange looks when the child throws food or probably has a tantrum.

A man with a single mom and her kid

7. Take her to a toy store and allow her to purchase a few gifts for her toddler

Sometimes, when you are dating a single mom with a toddler, you can show that you care not only for her but also for the child. It will certainly indicate that you care for both of them and that you are very accepting of the fact that the kid is part of the deal when it comes to dating her.

8. Before you go out on a date, bring some packages for her and her toddler

In this scenario, you can get toys, food, diapers, and other necessities. We all know that raising a child is quite expensive and doing this will indicate that you really appreciate what she is doing. She, on the other hand, will appreciate you and also feel that she is loved and supported by you.

9. Do your best to make the toddler like you and stick to your commands of the toddler when it looks reasonable

Bring the child presents and be sweet. And also always have in mind that if the kid hates you, the mother is possible not going to see you anymore. So, dating a single mom with a toddler is like making both of them like you and stick with you.

10. Do not be shocked if you arrive at her house for a date and her ex is still hanging out

The father of her kid might still be in the picture, and as a matter of fact, might even be the babysitter for the kid while the 2 of you go out and have fun. In this situation, it is best if you appreciate her ex, rather than be jealous of him, as he may be the one making sure your date with her went well. He might also be saving you the trouble of being another support system for the child.


You are the only one who knows whether dating a single mom with a toddler is right for you. Do not get caught up in listening to members of your families or even friends who will try not to encourage you or suggest that she is just searching for a father figure. This is rarely the case, listen attentively, rather, to the woman you know and the relationship you are establishing together.

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