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How to Get Your Man to Spoil You? (Crazy Tips)


Whether you love him or not ladies, the key here is getting to know how to get a man to spoil you. Your boyfriend or husband isn’t broke; he doesn’t just see value in spending on you with his money.

how to get a man to buy you things
A Woman and her Man on a Shopping Spree

Unless you are friends with a drug dealer or someone who is into several illegal businesses, then this post should be read with all seriousness.

Over the years, I have coached a lot of ladies to know the secret to unlocking a man’s financial spending power.

Even if you will dump him at the end of the day; the thing is that you ended up enjoying his finances. Unless he is your husband, then you should take caution while making him spend on you. You don’t want your family to go broke and your kids to suffer.

If the man is just another guy on your list looking to sleep with you, then no need of treading with caution. Make sure you get him to spoil you with so many financial goodies.

So if you want to know how to get a man to spoil you, then this post is for you. At the end of this post, you will be able to;

  • Make any man spend you without looking back
  • Know how to get a man to buy you things
  • Understand how to get a man to spend money on you
  • Know how to demand what you want from a man.

One of the keys to making sure that you achieve all of the above in your relationship is by selecting the right man during the introduction stage of the relationship. I will show you below;

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How to Identify a Man that will Spoil you and Spend money on you

To avoid so many complaints later on in the relationship, you should be with a man who knows how to spoil his woman and spend money on her.

man spoiling a woman with goodies
Man and woman happy moments

There are ways to identify such men, and I will list it out for you from experience. Once your man lacks in any of these, don’t have high hopes of getting him to spoil you. If your dream man is to get a man to spoil you, then I will show you how to make any man spend on you without looking back.

What are the ways to identify a man who would spoil you?

His Finances

If your man isn’t rich, there is no way he would spoil you. You’d never see a struggling guy going on expensive vacations and cruising around the world. He must have the financial stability to achieve that – which you must know.

Most men won’t tell you how much they earn, even when they do, they exaggerate the figures just to impress you.

Then I discovered a secret to know a man’s monthly income range. The secret is simple;

“Be the first to disclose your income and make it very little.”

Psychology says he will tell you his salary or shoot it up just a lil bit. Either way, you will have a clue of how much he earns.

If that isn’t enough to suit the lifestyle you want, move on the man who is capable of spending on you without looking back.

His Spending Habits

If he doesn’t spend on himself, then I don’t think he would spend on you without looking back. There are men with strict financial principles; so if you are looking for how to get a man to spoil you, then you should avoid such men in the first place.

Even when you get such a man to buy you things, it would always be once in a blue moon – which I believe isn’t your interest.

These two factors make up a man who will spend on you without thinking twice. So if you spot a man who is high and prone to spending, let me show you how to get that man to spoil you.

How to Get a Man to Spoil You and Spend on You

The aim is to make him bring out the money from wherever he is hiding it and lavish you with so many goodies. Here are the top ways to make a man buy you things even when you don’t request for them – according to no order of relevance.

Make him See You as Expensive

To get a man to spoil you or get a man to buy you things, you must have value. The value doesn’t just come because you are a woman; it comes from your activities, actions, and words you speak — the cloth you wear, cream, job, and how you carry yourself overall.

No man would want to spoil a lady who doesn’t even spoil herself. When you make yourself look expensive, you can then get a man to buy you things and spend money on you.

I am not suggesting you live a fake-ass life; it is all about placing yourself at a level where a man would see you and respect you. The words you say, every activity around you should show class!

Don’t always be Available

This is another trick to get a man to spoil you, get a man to buy things for you, and spend on you without looking back.

Looking at the law of Diminishing Returns (add an external link here), the more available a commodity becomes, the less value it possesses.

Top female players and seductresses have used these tactics to get almost all they’ve ever wanted from a man. When a man longs for you, he can go to any length to get a woman he desires.

So if you can control your availability, it becomes a potent tool to manipulate any man whether your husband, boyfriend, or just a casual partner.

Boost up His Ego

Just when you become available, it is imperative to make your man feel like a man. There shouldn’t be any comparison as to who is the man and the woman of the house. A man’s greatest weakness is his ego, so use that you your advantage.

Once you play this game of ego well, he will start to feel like the “baddest man” on the planet. This is one trick to get a man to spoil you. You will find that as long as you make men feel great, you can get a man to buy you things.

Make yourself a Trophy to be won

Men love to conquer and dominate other men; if you make yourself cheap, they will treat you cheap. If you value yourself high, they will also place you on the same level.

It is all about commanding respect and value. That way, a man would believe that you are worth spending on; with that notion, you get a man to buy you think, also make any man spend on you without looking back.

Demand less and Reject Less

Learn to say thanks when a man gets you something below what you are worth. It isn’t greedy; but instead, it will make him see you from a new perspective. Well, if he can’t afford you after that, he is free to leave.

One of the enormous mistakes women make is trying to be demanding and the use of nag and force. This will only force the man to become stubborn and defensive. Don’t require anything initially; if he doesn’t get to respond favorably, then you use the secret tactics I recommend below.

  • Make any man spend you without looking back
  • Know how to get a man to buy you things
  • Understand how to get a man to spend money on you
  • Know how to demand what you want from a man.

Give and Trade Tactics (Have something to offer)

This is the cruelest tactics to employ if you want to get a man to spoil you. Perhaps you lack every other good trait a man seeks in a woman; be rest assured that your beautiful body and the hole between your legs are still potent tools for effective seduction.

To get a man to buy you things and spend money on you, there should be something you are offering from your end. Things you can provide include but not limited to;

  • A banging body
  • Beautiful face
  • Fame
  • Sex
  • Peace of mind
  • Motivation
  • Idea bags
  • Business partner

So it technically depends on what is within your capability. It isn’t a crime to give just your body; with that, it is still possible to get a man to spoil you and buy you things. So if that is all you have to offer, be proud of it and make it quite expensive.

Always Be at Your Best

Good girls complain that bitc*es still do snatch their men – technically yes; this is because they are always looking good.

Men are turned on by sight, so you have to be appealing to his view. The appeal could mean sexually; whichever you realize works for him.

When you ooze attraction, you can end up manipulating him to buying you things or even spending on you. But the fact remains that you have to be sexually appealing to him.


To get a man to spoil you or knowing how to get a man to buy you things isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is understand what makes him happy, excited, and can manipulate him, then you go ahead and hit those buttons naturally.

Never get caught while manipulating him; else, you stand a chance to lose all you’ve ever accumulated while with him.

The more natural the manipulation process, the better

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  1. Lmao like, damn! It’s true though honestly. I have literally had to train myself to not fuck around with this stuff anymore and be straight up about it without excuses. Do I truly believe that I deserve it? Am I a demonstrably kick ass woman? Hellz YES! Do men genuinely enjoy spoiling demonstrably kick ass women? Absolutely they do! This doesn’t mean that I have to be rude, arrogant, or Narcissistic either. I’m genuinely grateful and quite frankly, turned on when men step up and BE MEN. It’s hot, and decent guys really do enjoy seeing her happy and having fun (at his expense of course, but in the good way lol!). Seriously, ladies. This isn’t even about a perfect body or looks (and yes, some might say it’s debatable but I digress). It’s about simply making it clear that you are turned off by cheap nonsense and that you KNOW that you’re worthy of the effort. Period. I mean hell, there are dudes out there who love confident, awesome women so much that they send ’em shit online without even meeting them! It’s crazy but, that confident yet cool vibe is powerful. Just make sure that you are not an asshole about it. Say thank you, let him know how much he’s made your day better and how he’s, essentially, your Hero. Boom! Magic. And last thing: us women tend to really struggle with holding our own line. We get timid or embarrassed when we tell a man straight up what makes us happy, so we say “just kidding” or whatever to offset that awkward feeling. Listen: HOLD. THE. LINE. Squish that insecurity and need to justify yourself down as far as you can. Men WANT to be your Hero! They WANT to take care of you and make you happy. Telling them what we want and how they can make it happen, then allowing them to do so is a huge rush that men crave! This is natural instinct stuff here so just let it flow. Have a great day everyone!


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