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¿Cómo decirle a una chica que quieres salir con ella? (Fácilmente)


This special article shows you how to tell a girl that you want to date her. I guess the world has advanced so much that guys no longer need to use lengthy words to drive their feelings into the heart of a girl. The least thing like your personality no longer matters when approaching a girl you love.

Señales de que está enamorada de ti destacadas

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If you ever have a feeling for a girl, it’s not as difficult as it appears to get her. Half of those in a relationship today did not have to go through knowing how to signal a girl to date them. They followed a simple trick which they themselves are unaware of. In this article, you’ll get to know exactly how to tell a girl you want a relationship with her. She may not accept your proposal but would eventually have something lovely to chew over. Who knows, she may eventually dump her boyfriend, if she’s dating, for you.

¿Problemas en tu vida amorosa?

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1. Get Closer

Being already close is not close enough. To perfectly initiate the trick on how to tell a girl that you want to date her, closeness is required. You need to get closer and this might take about a week or two depending on the occasion that brings you guys closer. One more thing, her relationship status is a great determinant of how close you can go. By this, I mean that you can only measure your closeness with her using her relationship status as a yardstick.

First, what is that thing that brings you two together? Could it be a job that she’s a colleague? College education? A relaxation spot? Whatever it is, that is what will determine the closeness.

How to Get Closer to a Girl

This stage of how to tell a girl you want a relationship with her is the toughest. Many young and elderly men lose out on the opportunities to date their dream woman because of this. The good news, however, is that there is a solution to this problem.

Let’s use an occasion like ‘colleagues in the workplace’. Recall that I listed some occasions above. One such occasion is when you’re in the same business organization with her.

To get closer to her in an occasion like this, formulate a work-related problem that needs solving. Whether you know the solution or not, introduce it to her. Tell her that an extensive conversation and analysis would be welcomed subsequently.

2. Initiate an Interrogative Conversation

Una técnica para conseguir lo que quieras de una mujer

Knowing how to tell a girl you want to be her boyfriend is one thing. There is another thing to be known and that has to do with succeeding in making her a girlfriend.

The second attempt towards telling her to date you is a conversation. As the subject of this section implies, such a conversation must be Interrogative. It must be aimed at uncovering whether or not she would be interested in any relationship. In short, the purpose of such a conversation should be to hint towards her openness for a relationship. I have a brief experience to share with you while I was a college boy.

My Experience

Some time ago, the childhood friend of my girl attempted to ask her out. According to her, he has been indirectly attempting to do so for years long before I knew her, however, he failed. Sometime later, he repeated the act despite being aware of our relationship. Instead of his friend, my girlfriend, to take it kindly, she sounded a warning which probably took him off balance.

From that experience, I deduced that questioning a lady is important when practicing how to tell a girl that you want to date her.

3. Say it Like the Man You Are

Although it feels very difficult to tell a girl that you love her, it is actually easy. What makes you a man is the ability to say it to her face and what makes you responsible is the ability to compose and comport yourself. Ever experienced a guy being backhanded by a girl to vamoose? Believe me, it is the worst experience any guy would ever get from a girl. I also advise against ever finding yourself in the situation.

Nota: Whether the girl in question is a friend or stranger, it’s possible to be asked to vamoose. The case is even worse when the girl is a friend because she would come to the conclusion that you’re trying to take advantage of the friendship.

In essence, while attempting to open up that you’re interested in a relationship, allow your wordings to flow naturally. Don’t be shy and most importantly, do not appear rude or disregard her personality. Such is in no way a principle on how to tell a girl that you want to date her.

4. Make Her Understand that You’d Respect Her Decision

After revealing your mind, don’t look sorry and do not appear to beg her to accept. 3 things would be the case if you tend to beg for her to accept the date.

You’re not man enough.
Unnecessarily forcing the relationship.

Not providing a room for her to express her feelings (the worst of all three).

For the third option, you’d be causing yourself more harm as she may unwillingly accept just to run your happiness later on.

5. Hear Her Out

Traditionally, a girl will not immediately say “yes” to a proposal. While some will instantly reject, some others would require time to think over.


If she requests for time to think over, it does not mean she is willing to accept. It could mean that:

  • She just wants to cut short the meeting with you.
  • She’s not willing to disappoint your desires instantly.
  • Maybe there is a problem in her present relationship and she needs to figure things out.

In essence, don’t be happy just yet. Hope for positives and do not judge her subsequent decision.

Meanwhile, if the refusal is instant, avoid directing anything unruly at her. Don’t grin and do not appear sad or vexed.

6. Get a Response

In this machine age, communications could simply be done with few clicks on the phone. She may likely inform you of her decision using any social network or probably a phonecall. To make this attempt correspond with the principles on how to tell a girl that you want to date her, request for a sit out. This is a smarter move because things may likely take a positive turn or twist with her presence. However, if she prefers a phone call or message, go with it. Also, bear in mind that the chances of her approval are as low as 15%.

7. React In-Line with Her Decision

After, maybe some hours or days, she finally gets back to you. If you’re opportune to meet in person, trust me, the chances that she’s ready to date you are 65%. Lest I forget, if the girl is a colleague at the workplace, do not pressurize her during the device period. By this I mean you should not in any way attempt to manipulate her mind into accepting the proposal.

The Mistakes Men Make During this Period

Most men are often ready to go extra miles to get a girl to date them. As a result, they end up killing the party. Here are the mistakes to avoid while she’s sleeping over the proposal.

Buying Her Gifts

Gifting is a precious thing to do but why now? Whether it’s monetary or nonmonetary, it is a big mistake to do so. While some women will feel it’s a great move from you, most others would see it as an attempt to buy them. As a result, the proposal will be refused.

Manipulative Messaging through Friends

It is obvious that you’d love to have her even as a soulmate. However, you have to avoid sending manipulative messages of any sort to her. One such message is something like:

“I have sent this letter through Derek. He/she can attest to the fact that I’m a good guy. Please, accept the proposal.”

This is beyond a mistake and conflicts with the policy of how to tell a girl you want to be her boyfriend.


She isn’t your girlfriend yet and it is wrong to spy. What if she finds out? What if y you are setting up the wrong spy at her? Allow everything to remain the way they were and you’ll eventually get answers. Spying is irrelevant, therefore, you must not spy on the girl. It strongly opposes the principles of how to tell a girl that you want to date her.

8. What Is Her Say?

If she says “yes”, congrats but if otherwise, don’t feel rejected. She has her reasons and if you truly love her, you should be able to understand her need to refuse your proposal.

You’re a lovely man and every girl would want to have you for themselves.
Meanwhile, even after the refusal, continue being that good man. If possible, become a better man and keep the communications with her alive.

Pensamiento final

In the olden days, lots of guidelines guided how men approach girls. There were kinds of stuff like fear of the girl and fear of society instilled in men. Today, finding and proposing to someone you love has changed. You either do not have the balls or you do not love her the way it ought to be.

Do you need her? Then, talk to her and give her reasons to accept. Do not fail to respect her relationship status as well as her feelings.

Here is all you’d ever want to know concerning how to tell a girl that you want to date her. Finally, be confident in her presence.

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