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¿Cómo invitar a una chica a tu casa? (Alta tasa de éxito)


It’s very difficult to get a girl to come to your house, especially when she’s not your girlfriend. You know, you have to try to convince her and to assure her of her safety at your place. First, do you even know how to invite a girl over to your house without getting turned down? Do not be worried if you don’t because this article has been designed to work you through.

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A girl normally won’t visit you like a guy and this doesn’t mean she dislikes you. It’s just that there is that stigma that every guy is a pervert and that every guy would do anything to sleep with her.

Una técnica para conseguir lo que quieras de una mujer
In this article, we will focus on how to erase that ‘men are perverts’ mentality. You’ll as well learn how to invite a girl over by text as well as how to invite a girl by phonecall. I’m sure you’re ready to learn and this article is prepared to teach.

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How to invite a Girl Over to Your House

How to Invite a Girl Over to Your House

This section drills you on how to get a girl to come over to your house.

1. Tell Her Your Mind

You want her to come over but you do not inform her? Tell me, how else do you think she’ll know? She probably has been waiting for you to make the move because she wants to come. Yes, girls, especially girlfriends, love to visit their boo. It will equally take at least 69% closeness for a girl to always say that she’s coming even when you don’t talk about it.

There are 3 major ways to contact and converse with her. It’s either in person, through a phone call or by text messaging. Towards the end of this article, there’s a section handling how to invite a girl over by text and get a “Yes” as a reply.

2. Explain the Need

There are various reasons why you need to have a girl come over. Some of such reasons include the following:

  • Group work
  • Your love for her
  • To get something, etc.

There are more reasons that attract her to your house. Just figure out and press on it. On some occasions, a girl will ask why you want her to visit. She’s asking this to test whether it has anything to do with sex. More so, she doesn’t expect you to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead, what she needs is just assurance for safety.

3. Assure Her

Her security and privacy matters and she’ll never forgive you if they are tampered with. Normally, she would just visit without thinking about anything because she knows you. But, for the incessant reports on how male friends rape female friends, she becomes scared.

Do you know that your loved girlfriend has her own fears about you? Forget the fact that she hides them. Girls are actually more complicated than you think. As such, try always to build that trust of her for you by inquiring to know what about you she dislikes. Several guys fail to find out what their girls dislike about them because they feel it’s needless.

4. Don’t Mount Pressure

You may desperately in need of her presence, however, mounting pressure makes her suspicious. Allow the decision to come from her end but do not let her think. Maybe, while she’s trying to think and reply in the chat, you’ve established a new discussion.

During the discussion, hint persistently on the need for her to visit. And, make no mistake of not using ‘Please’ because it’ll make her mind grow almost too weak to refuse.

5. Thank Her

Do not hesitate to show how glad you are. Make her feel special for her positive response. In short, say anything to flatter her because girls love it. You should see the article on convincing a girl via text message. It gives more hints on how to lure her to your house without wasting time.

What to Do Before Inviting a Girl to the House

Before you enact this guide showing you how to invite a girl over to your house, know these 3 things.

a. No Early Intimacy

It is bad to impress her with the look of your home and disappoint her instantly by perverting. Unless she is clear that she’s coming to make love, don’t plan to touch her. However, there are signs that she wants to sleep with you. Yes, this is very possible if you know about it. The basic thing to look out for in this situation is her body language.

I won’t hesitate to let you know when she wants
you to make the move. Use the comment section below and I will give an explanation on how to tell that she wants it. Another thing to focus on is her visiting terms. If her visiting terms are clear and do not refer to sex, she’s not in for it. As such, you mustn’t attempt to dick her.

How to Know Her Visit Terms

A simple way to know her visit terms is to review everything she said before the visit. Normally, a girl will not visit sleep with you unless something is up. Maybe she loves you or wants to snatch you from your girlfriend or for business. This will reflect in the conversation that holds between you and the girl. If it’s clear that being in bed together is involved, don’t make the move until she’s obviously very wet.

b. Foul Smell

A guy might manage to stay on a foul-smelling house, however, a girl will be disturbed. She may even offer to clean up the mess and this can be embarrassing. Simply avoid such story m event and keep your house smelling nice. It is the second-best practice on how to invite a girl over to your house.

c. Dirty Dishes

After reading how to get a girl to come over to your house, don’t take it for granted. Remember, you’re dealing with a girl and girls are very sensitive. You should wash all the dishes and clean the dirty parts of the floor. The society believes that ‘male borns’ are not often clean.

While she plans to come over, one of the things in her head is whether you’re a clean guy. This will show from the dirty plates in the house which you should do away with.

Things to Have in the House

It doesn’t just end in knowing how to invite a girl over to your house. You must know the basic things to have in the house for her visit. It is very different when a guy is visiting because he will easily make-do of whatever you have available. So, make sure these basic kinds of stuff are available in the house before inviting attempting to invite her.

  • Tissue paper
  • Water
  • Source of electrical power (necessary for a first visit)
  • A clean body towel
  • Body soap
  • Nice smelling apartment
  • Cooker
  • Well-arranged home

If the lady in question is your newly dated girlfriend, you would want to ensure that there is no lady’s thing in your room. If there are any female photo enlargements in your house, once she steps in, introduce the people on the enlargements to her. A girl’s mind doesn’t work like that of the guy because theirs is very sensitive.

Is Her Visit a Sign that I Can Sleep with Her?

The principles of how to invite a girl over to your house don’t recognize sex as a priority. The reason is that it gives a bad impression of you. Remember, girls have that stigma that guys are perverts and you should try to put that away. Don’t be silly to force yourself on her and do not smash if she takes hours to give in without happiness in her eyes. I understand that this is hard to do but not impossible so that she can visit again.

How to Invite a Girl Over by Text

Do you know that inviting a girl over by text is the best medium? No modern girl loves to be regarded as cheap no matter how cheap they may be. As such, no girl falls easily for house invitations unless she really trusts and loves you.
Why I recommend using text is because I’ve used it on a number of female visitors and it worked.

I recently introduced this to a friend who tried it out. It did the magic for a girl whom he has been trying to invite for over 2 months.
Just be real and chat like:

You: Hi
Her: Hi, dear
You: Do you ever have time for yourself? I mean, do you never feel you have to make time for people?
Her: hmm, lol. I really don’t get
You: That’s the problem. lol
Her: Explain to me
You: Okay, I would be very pleased to have you come over, tell me “No!”
Her: LoooL
You: It’s not nice what you’re doing…
Her: I’m sorry… just thought that was funny
You: Well, I didn’t make it for fun and it hurts.
Her: I’m sorry but…
You: ??
Her: Can I trust you?
You: As long as you’re here, your safety is my responsibility.
Comment below for a complete conversation on how to invite a girl over to your house without a turndown.

If she’s your girlfriend, tell her “I Miss You” constantly. Do not also intend to sleep with her simply because she’s your girlfriend. I know you know the kind of girlfriend you have, but avoid making her feel that you are all about making love.

Pensamiento final

Whether she’s a girlfriend or a colleague, there’s nothing special in the visit. It should not give you the impression that but”oh, my God, she wants me to smash her”. It’s merely trusting that will bring her and that should not be joked with.

Unless it’s clear that it’s all about making love, go ahead and busy your dick. Enjoy your meat and smash her passionately.

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