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¿Cómo atraer a un Géminis? (Normas)


Fast, nervous, with an optimistic and curious outlook: a Gemini is recognized for the intellectual vivacity, the chatter, and a group of people around them who watch their shows in amusement. The ability to transform is an innate gift: in a Gemini there are a thousand personalities that can help them adapt to any situation! But how can you attract a Gemini and win their heart? Let’s find out together!

Attracting a Gemini woman

The Gemini woman is outgoing and inquisitive so it’s pretty easy to break the ice with her, don’t hold back! To attract her attention, you must stimulate her intellectually, that is, talk to her in a nice and never boring way about what you like most or an adventure you’ve been on, which will fascinate her a lot. At the same time, listen to her too and show serious interest in what she says.

The Gemini woman sometimes tends to be a bit immature, sometimes coming across as an eternal pouting child; she often feels insecure and becomes jealous and aggressive. Work on the aspect of trust, make sure it is always at the highest level to avoid unnecessary arguments. Always make her feel like the center of attention, even just by asking her how her day went or giving her little complements.

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Attracting a Gemini man

A Gemini man is not difficult to seduce, just adapt to the personality characteristics attributed by astrologers to this sign. Try to be sociable and spontaneous, ready to try new experiences, learn new skills and visit new places.

Spontaneity: This is a feature that can attract a Gemini man to you. Be carefree in your life and don’t follow a particular plan and strategy to seduce him – he will identify this immediately. So avoid organizing dates or evenings planned down to the smallest detail, instead allow your spontaneous instincts to draw you into a new restaurant for a date. In any case, immediately take the initiative without making him think too much.

The characteristics of self-sufficiency or independence are also important to Geminis, so tell him about adventures you’ve had on your own or times where you took big steps forward when the world was pushing you back. Avoid saying that you still live with parents or relatives if you do. If things go well with your partner, be prepared to move in with them.


How do Gemini women flirt?

The Gemini woman is uninhibited in love. With her, it’s easy to break the ice and share exciting stories as if you’ve known each other for years. To conquer her heart, you will have to trust her and believe that she trusts you, since she will want her freedom. By accepting her need for personal space, you will make her feel understood. Once she has you in her heart, the Gemini woman will need a man who is patient, protective and loving, but not at all oppressive. Try to understand her needs every day and don’t forget to make her laugh, because it is your humor and optimism that will fuel her love for you and keep her by your side.

How do Gemini men flirt?

The Gemini man is true and sincere. He does not hide his feelings and it is easy to charm him with spontaneity and without engaging any particular strategies.
To conquer him, a carefree approach dictated by naturalness and sincerity will suffice. If you open up to him, he too will do the same and a beautiful complicity will be created that will be the basis of a long-lasting relationship. Once you have conquered his heart, it will not be easy to hold on to the Gemini man as he is a double sign who loves freedom, so if you want to have him by your side you cannot put him in chains or set him any kind of rules, he will do the same too with you while showing great responsibility and respect towards you.

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Do’s and Don’ts when flirting with Gemini


  1. Always be mysterious and adventurous.
  2. Always be open and understanding, even when they act irrationally.
  3. Get ready to listen the same stories over and over again. Gemini is quite the storyteller!
  4. Give a Gemini the freedom they need. They hate to feel shackled down.
  5. Always keep your energy level and your motivation high and always be ready to accept their proposals.


  1. Don’t be too jealous and possessive. The Gemini is a very freedom-seeking creature, but this doesn’t mean they are going to be unfaithful to you!
  2. Never question their ideas, support them and let him know what you like about their proposals.
  3. Don’t neglect your Gemini partner too much, they love feeling wanted and cared for.
  4. Don’t be boring! Gemini gets bored easily and may not want to see you again if you bore them on the first date.
  5. Don’t keep asking them for clarifications or more details if they do not share them with you on their own. Respect their space.
  6. Don’t be too surprised – they can be quite spontaneous. A Gemini may want to eat dinner in bed with you for example!

¡Ustedes se gustan! ¿Que sigue?

The Gemini stands out for being fickle and if you are wondering know that yes, holding onto a man of this sign is not exactly a walk in the park. The reason is mainly found in the fact that they are a double dream and this makes them unique. There are no other signs with this symbolism in the zodiac. The Gemini is curious and loves freedom, he faces everyday life with lightness, to stay close to him you must neither chain him nor expect to change him. His optimism does not equate to a lack of responsibility, but his responses to adversity can be refreshingly calm and engaging.

The Gemini man enjoys the charm of the cultured and independent woman, so cultivate your interests, especially if they are related to study or reading, and prove to be autonomous, not dependent on your partner. If you have an errand to run, do so on your own instead of asking to be accompanied and your independence will be rewarded. This is always because the Gemini man loves independence and wants a partner who is his equal. Make him jealous: without exaggerating, of course. Creating some suspense and keeping the Gemini man on his toes is a great way to build his interest in you. He likes to get involved with the people he cares about. Tell him about your friends without giving too many details about who they are, where you go and what you do. His curiosity will make him want to spend more time with you!

The Gemini woman is much the same. By being around her you will have noticed that her mood changes often and suddenly so to avoid misunderstandings it is necessary that you do not consider this aspect of her as a defect, but as a peculiarity. The Gemini woman knows her characteristics very well, which is why the person with whom she comes into conflict with most often is herself. She expects understanding and love from a partner and not arguments, because he is very self-critical and struggles a lot with her personality already.

You have probably noticed that she loves irony. If you have captured her heart you’re your humor, good! Continue on this path. Again, for the reasons we have already mentioned, the Gemini needs to laugh, rejoice, be carefree. And who better to make her smile than you? Always be as optimistic as possible. Even when facing difficulties, try to find a way to joke, you will learn in turn to see the glass as half full! When the Gemini has a lively and strong interest in a person, she shows it in an original way, so if she finds you interesting she will make you feel special. In return, you should thank her. The Gemini likes to see that her choices have been beneficial and that you are not taking her for granted. So treasure her every gesture and communicate how much everything, even the smallest of things, is important to you.

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