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¿Cómo separar una pareja a distancia? (Forma única)

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Is there a couple you hate and wish that they should never be together? Did someone snatch your girlfriend and they are dating already? Do you want to have your revenge? I will show you how to break up a couple from a distance without them knowing you did it.

There is no need trying to know how to break up a couple using voodoo; you can do it all by yourself. I will show you a step by step process in this article.

A man and another lady cheating

When someone made me and my wife divorce, I told myself, “I want to break up someone’s relationship”. Not just anybody, the guy that broke up mine. After several months of planning, I achieved my aim.

It took me a while, but I was finally fulfilled. If you want to know how to break up a couple from a distance, then read along. You can end up convincing the female partner to sleep with you. Just don’t forget to buy me a beer later.

¿Problemas en tu vida amorosa?

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Sin embargo, recientemente una amiga mía me habló de estas cosas esotéricas y al principio pensé que estaba bromeando. Luego empezó a enviarme testimonios tras testimonios y ¡quedé impresionado! Sólo tenía que investigar un poco sobre este tema.

señora caro

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Good Reasons to break up someone’s Relationship

Fair enough, some people reading this post might be like “why would you want to break up a couple from a distance? That isn’t fair”.

There are so many reasons that might warrant such a scenario, and I will explain in a bit. If you’ve been in my shoes, then you will derive joy in seeing every other person’s relationship crash.

If any of the following relates to your experience, then go ahead with breaking up other’s relationship for the fun of it.

Someone Snatched your Partner

Did an asshole snatch your partner from you and left you with nobody? Someone needs to take the pain for the pain another pain giver caused you. There is nothing wrong if you decide to let another happy couple feel the pain you feel.

Fair enough there weren’t among those that caused you pain initially, but there isn’t any big deal to making them feel what you feel.

If someone snatched your partner from you, then go ahead and seize someone else’s partner. That makes love fair enough to us all.

You want their partner

If someone’s partner catches your attention so much that you barely can’t stop thinking about them, it is time to get them for yourself.

There is nothing wrong in wanting someone else’s partner – if you are attracted to them. Right enough they won’t allow you to share, why can’t you take them for yourself? All you need to do is break them up from a distance and come into the show.

It isn’t difficult; I will show you some tactics you can use and achieve that simple goal.

You hate them together

Oh, I remembered the old man Charley and his beautiful wife. After my divorce, I saw how lovely their home was, and I felt it shouldn’t be so.

I had to do what I did, and their marriage came crashing like a pack of cards.

If you want to break up someone’s relationship from a distance because you hate them being together, feel free. That is a valid reason for doing so – as long as you are happy.

You placed a Bet

Did you place a bet that you can break up a couple from a distance? Then come along, let me show you some tactics that will get you your money.

You feel like doing so

Feeling mischievous like I think and wish to see a relationship crumbling? Let me show you too – feel free to join the train.

Now I have listed some possible reasons why you are on this page, let’s head over to the best ways to help you achieve your aim.

How to break up a Couple from a Distance in 5 steps

How can you do it? Let’s find out in a few steps;

Identify the couple

Oh sorry – smiles, I assume you already know the couple you intend to break up right? Well, some people have no idea. They want to break up someone’s relationship even without knowing who correctly.

Good enough you have identified the couple you intend to run your tactics on then jump to step 2.

Identify the weakest Partner

Have you read the “Quotes in the Art of Seduction?” The weakest partner is the partner you can easily manipulate. The partner you can play mind games with and succeed. That weak partner will help you advance your cause and start the breakup.

Pareja intercambiando palabras

According to the Law of Seduction, “weak partners are mostly those with enough time, unfulfilled dreams, etc. They are the ones to easily manipulate when you want to break up a couple from a distance.

Test the Water

You won’t assume that your analysis of a weak partner is truly correct until you’ve had an encounter with the partner.

I guess having an informal discussion would help you know if they are genuinely receptive to ‘dangerous ideas.’

You can start by getting to know their stand on gossips;

“I heard Mrs. Jamie slept with a neighbor, does that make her a bad woman?”

When you come from an external view, you know if they genuinely believe gossips or not. If they believe gossips, it will be a clear indication that they would make a perfect choice for the best partner to manipulate.

Set the Bait

The bait that would help to break up a couple from a distance shouldn’t come directly from you; it would give you out. There are two steps to set the bait that would fasten it up.

  • Sow a Gossip
  • Create an Action
a man caught cheating
A cheating man and woman

Sow a Gossip

After you identify the weaker partner, then go ahead and monitor the other partner for illusions that would seem believable. There are traces to observe;

  • Does he come back late from work?
  • Any close relationship with the opposite sex?
  • Does he have a routine

The aim is to look out for anything that you can use to implicate the partner. If he has a close relationship with the opposite sex, you can use that to implicate the partner.

You can decide to visit the other partner, send an email, a video, or a text message saying, “go and find your husband at haywire hotels with a blonde lady having sex.”

Just anything to create distrust and instigate quarrel among the couples would be an excellent way to break up a couple from a distance.

Create an Action/Set Up

You can equally set the partner up in such a way that would seem real. You could also pay a hooker to do a clean job for you or a male colleague for the female partner.

The aim is to find them in a compromising position – that would help your evidence. Once you have the proof, quickly pass it on to the other partner that would help fuel disagreement.

Research has shown that once the issue of infidelity rises in a marriage, trust is gone. Once you can stir up mistrust in a relationship, you can break up a couple’s relationship.

So thinking of how to break a couple from a distance, it all boils down to your creativity and ability to manipulate one of them. Once you can do this, it becomes effortless to break up any couple from a distance.

Thanks so much for reading, if you have tried this before; let’s hear how you were able to achieve it successfully. Please use the comment section.

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  1. My Mom is married to a complete and total a**hole, and I want them to get divorced. The man she married is mean and hateful to everyone, and has seriously negatively affected my relationship with my Mom. I want him gone, completely out of the picture. How do I get it done?


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